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Andre Miguel, or Adi, was born at about 7:26 in the evening of Saturday, the 12th of October 1996, via lamaze delivery at the St. Luke's Medical Center, after a grueling 12 hours of labor for Angel. Before you start gasping "Twelve hours? Tweeeeelve hours??" I'd just like to clarify that labor does not refer only to the painful portion hollywood dramatically portrays as something close to...well, head ripping. From what I've heard, labor technically starts at the onset of any of the following three conditions: (a) bloody discharge also known as "bloody show," (b) burst water bag, or (c) regular contractions that last for about 30 seconds and that occur every five to twenty minutes.

Anyway, this website is NOT meant to replace solid, professional medical advice, so please be sure to consult your health care provider. What this webpage will do, however, is present our experiences as first-time parents of Adi. Hopefully, you will find something useful in the write-ups that soon as we get around to writing them.

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