My mom and dad are always on the look out for a place to bring me to that is not a mall or store. Recently, we were finally able to visit two places which allowed me to see different animals. Read on.

The Aviary - Restaurant and Pet Museum

Dine in a restaurant for a change. Having your meal at the Aviary will allow you to see their mini-zoo where you can see different birds, snakes, fishes. I found the chance to feed the fishies really fun and exciting. The Aviary is located at 233 J. Abad Santos, San Juan. Have fun!

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The Butterfly House - Live Butterfly Show

Butterfly on a panThis is located at the Elliptical Orchids and Garden Center, Elliptical Road, Quezon City. For only P60 (about US$1.50) per head, you will be able to see and walk among butterflies. The place is not that big. It is very relaxing though to see our little friends, fluttering about, and even sometimes landing on you. A visit to this place can be very educational. You learn about the life cycle of a butterfly, Amazing Facts about insects, among other things. You also get to see other insects like grasshoppers, stick insects, and praying mantis.

Butterfly on a panAs for the butterflies, you see different kinds, colors, and designs, making you marvel about how good a Creator God really is. A visit to this place makes you thankful for nature and all of God's wonderful gifts.

The Butterfly House is open from 9am-5pm, everyday. For inquiries, call 922-09-85.

Photos at The Aviary - Restaurant and Pet Museum

adi about to feed the fish shy parrot
these fish are really hungry!

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