Thursday, August 15, 2002

You've probably checked out Angel's entries about the Philippine Planetarium (Seeing Stars, Planetarium Details), and I'm making this other entry just so that I can post this photo of the Philippine flag atop the roof of the Planetarium. [more]

Posted by Manuel [Philippine Astronomy, Planetarium]

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

In It's Not About Technology (by Sean Carton), we read about how anti-Erap protesters brewed up quite a storm with the help of SMS text and phone calls. Major events happen once you start mixing people with technology and communication. Things like a sudden assembly of people -- a "flash crowd."

I wonder if this will extend into the realm of blogging. Maybe not. At least, not yet. There are so few people willing to write online (or even offline, for that matter). It's still easier to text. It's quick. It's short.

Hmmm... Perhaps we'll see the rise of micro-blogging? If Globe or Smart make it easy for pinoys to publish online via their cellphones... Right now there's Smart's MyTxt Info-on-demand service where you can "publish" some short blurb or announcement.

For Globe there's the myGlobe Textsite. (Be sure you have your SIM Card Number ready.)

Does your "SMS-blog" get enough hits? You can easily check out the stats. One useful application would be the announcement of suspension of classes due to typhoons.

Anyway, if Philippine history can be made with the help of cellphones, can micro-blogging or SMS-blogging be far behind?

Posted by Manuel [Flash Crowd]