Video Marketing

Several internet marketers are moving towards Video Marketing, because it is yet another way to make money online.

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When you combine this with internet marketing, what you get is a multimedia online salesperson who delivers your message to people 24 by 7.

The basic tools are:

1. Your script
2. PowerPoint slides (or KeyNote, if you're using a Mac)
3. Screencast software (i.e., Camtasia)
4. Royalty free stock images or photos
5. Audio recording software (so people will hear your message)
6. Royalty free music and audio files
7. Distribution system for your videos

The script is important because your message will determine how successful your video marketing will be. Fortunately, there are formulas when it comes to writing your script.

With these handy checklists, you'll know exactly what to write so that your viewers will stick around and watch your video. For example, do you know what is the FIRST thing you have to say in your online video?

Once you have your script, you will then turn those words into a PowerPoint/KeyNote presentation. Next, you'll spice it up with images that will create an emotional impact on the viewers.

You will then read through your presentation with emotion, while you record it using screencasting software. :-)

Afterwards, you'll edit the screencast by adding music at certain points, and by animating the screen to create movement (which holds the attention of your viewers).

Once you have your video, you can then distribute this across several video sharing sites, so that more people will know about it. You can do this the long way, or semi-automate it with the help of various video submission services.

And that, in a nutshell, is how some internet marketers are using video marketing to connect with people, which helps them make money using the web.

[ First posted on 02/17/2010 by Manuel Viloria ]

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