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The Royale Business Club International offers the following array of Philippine franchise opportunities for you (P80,000 to P800,000 investment):

Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Bicho Bites [P80,000] (FirstBlend Corporation) - Popular Pinoy rolls and bicho-bicho (merienda fare). The Pinoy rolls have the following flavors: Garlic Cheese, Pepperoni Cheese, Hungarian Cheese, Burger Cheese, Ham and Mushroom Cheese, Beef Taco.

The bicho-bicho comes in plain (sugar), or with any of the following coatings: Choco, Cinammon, Buttermilk, Cookies and Cream, Rocky Road, Cappucino, Mocha.

The beverage sold is: Sago't Gulaman.

Big Boy [P80,000] (FirstBlend Corporation) - Think of rice toppings (Mongolian, Teriyaki, Arroz ala Cubana, Adobo). Beverage sold is also Sago't Gulaman.

Burger Factory [P88,888] - Basically burgers and patties, sold in the P25 to P32 price range.

Chowarma [88,888] - Yes, the product sold is shawarma (great for quick and easy meals). These are beef in pita bread food products.

Dermalou - This face rejuvenation and spa franchise costs anywhere from P150,000 to P700,000 depending on the promo package. Among the services/products offered are: Facial Cleansing, Exfoliating, Creams (Sunblock, Rejuvenating, Depigmenting, Whitening, Placenta), 3in1 Lotion, Kojic Papaya Soap, Acne Soap.

Dermalou also offers Deep Facial Treatment, Pimple Treatment, Facial Scrub, Diamond Peel, Painless Wart Removal, Eyebag Treatment, Eyelash Perming, Back Cleaning, Foot Spa, Foot Scrub, Aqua Detox, Hand Spa, and Body Treatments (Painless Hair Removal, Skin Bleaching and Whitening, Body Massage, Body Scrub).

Galaxy Burger [P88,888] - Offers hamburgers, longaburgers (longganisa), hotdogs, and ham sandwiches at more affordable prices.

Iking's Specialties [P98,800] - Tapa or Tocino with rice and sidings, Prutas shakes and smoothies.

Jo's Waffle House [P88,888] - Waffles with various fillings (Cheese, Ham, Ham and Cheese, Juicy Hotdog, Chicken Hotdog, Cheesedog), and Power Shakes (Buko Pandan, Chocolate, Mocha, Melon, Mango, Cookies and Cream).

Juicee Fruity [84,200] (First Blend Food Express) - These are 12-oz juice drinks sold at P10 per glass (Buko Pandan, Sago't Gulaman, Halu-Halo, Ube).

Laundry Gallery [P289k to P489k] - Good for three years, with no renewal fee. With P4,000 monthly royalty fee.

Mami To Go [P85,000] - The beef mami noodles are retailed at around P25 per bowl, while the "goto" products are sold at P20 per bowl.

The Noodle House [P129k] - Noodles are quite popular not only during lunch, but also for in-between snacks.

Red Ninja Dimsum [P88,888] - Products sold are Dimsum (Siomai Supreme, Sharksfin, Crispy Wanton, Spring Shrimp, Tokyo Roll), Value Meals (dimsum plus rice), and Siopao (Asado, Bola-bola, or combination). Drinks: Gulaman or Bottled Water.

Rolling Balls [P80,000] (First Blend Food Express) - The ever-popular Squid Balls, Shrimp / Fish / Kikiam / Beef / Mushroom / Crab / Chicken balls.

Sisig Express [P85,000] - Am still looking for additional data on this. I would imagine this involves sisig plus rice.

We're looking at a number of highly affordable food franchise businesses with the help of the Royale Business Club. You can already imagine how popular food is among Filipinos, given that most of the Philippine franchise businesses listed above involve affordable fast food items.

If you're interested in investing in a franchise business in the Philippines, please let us know so that we can get Ms. Miles to help you out. Thanks! :-)

[ First posted on 02/16/2010 by Manuel Viloria ]

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