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People are abuzz with excitement over Jonathan Leger's Niche Horde keyword research database.

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It is essentially a growing list of topics that are worth blogging about because:

1. People are interested in those topics.

2. Your blog posts will become more visible, because there aren't that many people writing about those topics yet.

3. Advertisers want to reach online shoppers who like to read your webpages.

Niche Horde helps people build niche blogs super fast. The "niche groups" list takes the tedious guesswork out of the picture, which different writers to focus on what they do best: publish content that's easy to monetize because it attracts a lot of traffic.

Niche Horde shows us what topics to target in less time, and with less effort. And with the ever-growing list of hot niche topics, there's room for everyone! How's that for abundance mentality, right? Even if hundreds of you know that a certain subject matter is worth blogging about, and even if hundreds of you go out and actually write about it, your webpages will still attract readers online.

So many writers are struggling to make money online. They write article after article, and wonder why they can't even make $5 a month. Well, the secret to problogging success depends largely on the subject matter you are writing about.

But what if a system can show you what those profitable keywords or phrases are? Wouldn't you now gain from that knowledge, and channel your writing efforts? And when you start to see better results, will that not encourage you to keep on publishing relevant content? Win-win, right?

True, there are many different keyword research tools online, but I like Niche Horde because of its price: Just $47 per year (although I heard the price will be going up soon).

[ First posted on 10/14/2009 by Manuel Viloria ]

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