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Am now on Day 2 of using Niche Horde, so I'm sharing with you my new thoughts in this updated Niche Horde review.

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If you recall, I talked about the "niche groups" feature of Jonathan Leger's keyword database, and it looks like the collection will continue to grow over the coming weeks. The last time I looked, I found 2,888 niche themes that you can develop, but what happens if we eventually hit 5,000 themes?

At the moment, we can still easily browse. There are only 5 pages, with each page containing 500 theme-focused niche phrases. If you want to download the info in CSV format, you can do so page by page. Soon, however, you might need to download 10 separate CSV files and then copy/paste the data so that you can combine them into one Excel spreadsheet for easy analysis.

I hope the future versions of Niche Horde will allow us to download a CSV file containing the entire niche groups collection, instead of doing it page by page. It will be more convenient, and will decrease the chances of missing out on certain niches.

For now, the close to 3,000 niche groups is more than enough to keep writers and bloggers busy, and we have more than enough topics to blog about over the next 52 weeks. I guess Jon Leger wasn't kidding when he used the word "horde" as probloggers are soon finding out.

Can you make money online with this? We're not focusing on that at the moment. The immediate goal is to publish articles based on those found keywords and phrases, build authority sites (narrow and wide approach), drive traffic, and then test the different monetization strategies available.

Afterall, not all niches are created equal. :-)

[ First posted on 10/15/2009 by Manuel Viloria ]

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