NBI Clearance - Marikina

You can get your NBI clearance in the NBI satellite office in Riverbanks, Marikina.

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There are some things you'll need to know, though. As of this writing, the NBI clearances available are for the following purposes (NBI fee of P115): Travel Abroad, Local Employment, ID Purposes.

If you're seeking a clearance for the purpose of getting a Business License (P 165.00), it would be better if you just go to the NBI main office, because the P165 service is temporarily not available in NBI Marikina.

Please prepare one P100 bill, and three P5 coins. The first line you will queue in is for the payment of the P115. The machine only accepts P100 and P5, so please bring those. Some people spent some time in the line, only to be sent away because they did not have the exact change.

After you pay (someone will assist you with the machine), please get your Official Receipt (OR), then go to the line for Fingerprinting. Please prepare P5.00 if you want to get the moist towelette (highly recommended), which will be used to wipe away the black ink (?) found in your fingers.

It helps if you're not bringing too many things, because you'll have inky fingers, a wet tissue, plus the application form that you need to fill-up in a writing area that can accommodate around 8 to 10 people at a time.

After you fill-up the NBI Clearance form, line up in the Encoding area. You'll need to show them your Official Receipt.

Next stop is the Photography section, where you will find out if your name registered a "hit" (meaning, you'll have to come back after 7 working days, or around 11 calendar days), or if your name does not match that of any person sought by the law.

If you go to the NBI Marikina satellite office, it will probably take you an hour. Less, if you go there at around 8am. Still, that's much faster than if you go to more popular NBI clearance destinations.

(Please bring two ID cards which have your photo. For example, Company ID and Drivers' License. For additional info, please see http://www.nbi.gov.ph/clearance.htm)

[ First posted on 07/02/2009 by Manuel Viloria ]

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