Netbooks That Run For 8 Hours?

I'm excitedly awaiting the launch of netbooks with batteries that can work for 8 hours.

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In New Generation of Netbooks: $199 and $299, Eight Hour Battery & Sexy Design (over at, you'll get to see an example of a new generation of netbooks from Freescale and Pegatron.

And they're talking about $199 and $299 price points!

True, those netbooks will run on Linux, but think of the convenience. I mean, especially if you just plan to surf the web and exchange email. And perhaps even blog a little.

I hope that their ultra-thin design will adequately address heat issues. Who wants to carry around a light but hot netbook, right? Also, I hope their designer (who came from Asus) comes up with a reliable touchpad. And yes, a mic that works so you can record yourself with the help of a built-in webcam and easily create vlogs.

Now if all that can come together, and still retail at less than $300, you can almost imagine a further explosion in the number of people adding content online while they enjoy their "always on" internet experience.

It's just a few months until summer, and I can't wait to see these ARM-based netbooks hit the market.

[ First posted on 01/08/2009 by Manuel Viloria ]

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