Overnight Product Creation

Have you heard of Brian McElroy's "Product Creation Manifesto"? Well people have been searching for the Overnight Product Creation review.

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What you'll find is a collection of videos arranged into four different modules. What I like about the set-up is that you are also given the option to download the MP3 version (for those of you who prefer to listen to the lessons no matter where you are), as well as the PDF transcripts (visual learners of the world, unite!).

So if you have a slow dial-up connection, or if you don't exactly relish watching hours of video, simply download the quick 3-7 page PDF transcripts of each video, and learn from Brian how he created his products in less than 24 hours.

Here's a sample of what you'll find inside "Overnight Product Creation":

Module 1 - Video 1: Really Simple Market Research -- Sometimes, advanced and tedious market research is not the way to online success. Sometimes, you just have to stop trying too hard. Brian gives a quick and actionable strategy you can use.

Module 1 - Video 2: Market Research for Internet Marketing -- Brian shares tips on what makes people buy (as far as the internet marketing niche is concerned). He reveals five key ingredients your product has to have in order for you to be successful.

Module 1 - Video 3: Full Blown Market Research -- Nope, not your usual listing of keyword tools. Brian presents a practical, easy, step-by-step approach that you can implement immediately.

Module 2 - Video 1: Rapid Product Creation -- Brian shares how he produces an info product in less than 24 hours. The best part of this is, you don't have to do any of the work. He lists five ways to turn this into a reality.

Module 2 - Video 2: Better Than Writing -- Do you want to know what's even faster than producing an info product? Brian explains how he quickly created a product while getting a lot of web site traffic at the same time. Take note... at the same time.

Now Module 2 (Product Creation) has four videos; Module 3 (Case Studies) has three videos; and Module 4 (Recurring Sales) has four videos. There are also surprise Bonuses and Extras.

If you want to succeed online, please diversify your sources of income. One way of doing this is by creating, marketing, and selling your own products (which you do not necessarily have to make yourself). Learn all these, and more, from Brian McElroy's Overnight Product Creation video course.

[ First posted on 11/20/2008 by Manuel Viloria ]

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