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Is your webserver up or down? Is it really offline or online?

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Before you rush off and start complaining to your web host provider about your horrible webhosting experience, pause first. There are many reasons why a web site is not viewable or is unavailable. It is not always the fault of the web host.

For example, it is possible that the problem may lie with your internet service provider (ISP). For some reason, the path that leads from your ISP to whichever website you are trying to access might have some connectivity problems.

There have been cases when a local ISP allows you to view Yahoo or Google, but not your own blog. And if you call up your ISP's customer care group, they might easily dismiss it as a "problem on the part of your webserver."

How can you easily test if it is an ISP or webhosting issue? Simply head on over to

In the box, try typing your domain name (test it with the www in front, and also without the www).

If that service says your web site is up, that means there's a problem with your ISP. If it says your site cannot be found, then either your webhost really has a problem, or both your ISP and the ISP of DFEOJM are having problems.

So the next time you're wondering about your webserver's uptime or downtime, try this free and easy to use service.

[ First posted on 11/20/2008 by Manuel Viloria ]

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