Valentines in the Philippines

What's it like to celebrate Valentine's in the Philippines?

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It depends on which side of the love fence you happen to be on. Either you're in love, or you're in a state of being Loveless Since Birth (LSB).

If you belong to the first group, then celebrating Valentine's here in the Philippines can be an exhilarating exercise in creativity. You'll need to find some unique way of showing your special someone how much he or she means to you.

Yet I hope you don't throw out the window the "usuals." You know, the flowers and the chocolates, the cards and the phone calls. Sometimes, a lot of meaning is conveyed in the way you shower attention on the person you love.

Now if you truly want to ride the "Let's Be Different" train, here are some ideas for Valentine's Day:

1. Sing her a maņanita, or early morning song. This is guaranteed to be a hit especially if you're not known to sing in front of anyone.

2. Give her a dancing telegram. Yup, you're heard of Singing Telegrams, so this time you will personally deliver your message to her (or to him) while you're dancing. Works well if done in person.

3. Give her a Valentine object that's not made of the usual materials. For example, a chocolate covered mini-cake... that has mocha inside.

Yes, there are many things you can do to make someone feel special this February. But if there's one thing I highly recommend, it is this: Send her flowers and memorable gifts this Valentine's. I can't explain it, but there's something about flowers...

[ First posted on 01/06/2008 by Manuel Viloria ]

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