SMART Video Avatar

You can now send messages on your cell phone using cute video avatars that speak in your own voice!

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If you're a subscriber of SMART, simply call *8787 + recipient's mobile number.

For example: *878709201234567

To SEND a Video Avatar:

1. Make a voice call or a video call to *8787 + recipient's 11-digit cell phone number.
2. Choose your avatar.
3. Record your 30-second message, then press # to end. You will receive a text notification that your video avatar has been sent.

Cost is P5 per Video Avatar message, whether you make a voice or video call.

To RETRIEVE a Video Avatar:

1. Open the incoming text message that displays a wap link.
2. Click on the wap link to view.

Cost is free for the first retrieval (via Video Call or MMS). Subsequent retrievals will cost P2.50 per message. You have 3 days to retrive a Video Avatar.

If you want an avatar, text BUY [avatar code] to 8787.
To get a list of avatars, text NEW to 8787.

This service is initially open to all PLDT SMART pre-paid subscribers.

[ First posted on 01/06/2008 by Manuel Viloria ]

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