Donald Trump Is Blogging -- So What?

If you're a fan of "The Apprentice" you probably know that Donald Trump now has a blog.

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Some people are excited because Donald Trump, who is already reaching people via television, is now reaching other people through his own blog. Others wonder if podcasting would be the next step.

Hmmm... So someone that famous is now blogging. He's making time for it. Should other CEOs pay attention?

Different CEOs will get something different out of online publishing. It may be useful or productive for some and a waste of time for others, because these people have different goals. Not every person wants to "connect" with others in this electronic medium. Not every person should even want to do that.

I understand if some bloggers are getting excited about blogging going mainstream, or that such-and-such a famous person is now publishing online. It somehow validates their reasons for blogging: Blogging is not a waste of time because someone whose time is valuable is actually blogging, right?

I'd be more excited, however, if the average Filipino who doesn't really like using a computer would try blogging and actually effect some political, social or economic change because of online writings. Now that would be something.

For your reading pleasure:

The Trump Blog: Ideas and opinions from Donald Trump and his circle of experts.

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Information Week: Donald Trump Launches Blog As Latest Media Venture
[ First posted on 08/11/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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