PDF Encryption

Are you trying to encrypt your PDF files using PDF995? You can't. Here's why...

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You'll need Signature995 to switch on PDF encryption. It's a partner program of your PDF995 PDF creation tool.

PDF Encryption gives you some amount of power. It prevents the casual reader of your PDF ebook from copy/pasting portions of your text. In some cases, you can also disable the printing of your file.

Some ebook authors do this so that others cannot easily create a modified version of the ebook. Yes, there are some people who will take your written work, copy/paste it into another file, modify some of the text, and then pass it off as their own.

PDF encryption, however, can inconvenience your honest customers. For example, what if they want to print your ebook? (If you allow PDF printing, certain individuals can easily produce an unencrypted version of your file.)

Here's a tip: Use a multi-column format for your ebook. That will give intellectual property thieves a harder time when it comes to ebook piracy.

Or better yet, keep writing and producing updated versions of your PDF ebook. :-)
[ First posted on 06/21/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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