The Future of Podcasting

If you're wondering how to make podcasting more engaging for your listeners, then check out the future of podcasting.

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With podcasting, people will generally just passively listen to your show or presentation while they go about their business. This is perfectly fine for your listeners who use iPods or portable MP3 players. But what about the rest who listen to you using their computers?

What will they do while your voice plays in the background?
Will they surf to other pages?
Will they get distracted by other things?

Let's face it. How long do you think your listeners will just sit and do nothing in front of their computers during your podcast broadcast?

The solution: The Future of Podcasting!

Total Web Audio is software that allows you to make things appear on your web page at certain points of your mp3 broadcast. For example, if on the 37th second of your show you mention a house you're selling, you can display a photo of that house.

Yes, at that precise second.

This means your listeners will not just be listening to your podcast. They will also be watching the screen. They will be more attentive.

True, there are screencasting software out there that allow you to combine animation and on-screen motion with your voice over, but those are basically large-file videos that will be appreciated more by people with a broadband internet connection.

But what about dial-up users or those with not-that-fast internet access?

That's where the future of podcasting lies. Since it is basically just an mp3 file that's playing, it's a smaller file (relative to web videos). More people will be able to hear your presentation. More people will be able to SEE your presentation.

Afterall, you're not showing video. You're showing smaller jpg photo files or tiny web pages. And you're showing these in sync with your audio or podcast.

So, if you want to better hold the attention of your in-front-of-the-computer podcast listeners, then please check out Total Web Audio, because it's the future of podcasting.
[ First posted on 06/22/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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