Is Blogging Just A Passing Fad?

People have become increasingly interested in blogs. On TV and in the newspaper, someone features this or that blog. But is all this just a fad?

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Michael Gartenberg thinks Sapient CTO Ben Gaucherin is wrong in calling blogs "a fad fueled by pop culture’s desperate search for the next big thing."

Ed Parry's The top five IT myths reveals that Gaucherin "believes CIOs who don't at least keep an eye on RFID, IM, open source, SOA and business process technologies could be making a big mistake."

But what exactly is a fad? Something short-lived? Something followed with great zeal by many people?

I don't remember where I saw this, but something is called a fad if it does not have a significant economic, social, and political impact.

Blogs have had an impact socially and politically. Blogs give people a voice that is hard to mute. Blogs have transformed some personalities and have changed the way people interact with one another. Some politicos have turned to the web to gain support for their parties.

But what about the economic impact? I haven't seen it. At least not in a significant way. Yet.

If you've seen or felt the impact of blogs on the economy, please let me know.
[ First posted on 04/07/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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