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Have I gone crazy? How can blogging less add value? It adds value because by publishing less information, you help your readers get the answer they need right away. No more wading through cavernous libraries of text.

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Gerry McGovern: "Resist the call of the warehouse, and the illusory promise that technology will solve all your problems. Content is your asset and it is an asset that grows in value the less of it you publish." (Link via elearningpost)

It's tempting to put all of your know-how into one gigantic database. People try to search through it and find over 100,000 results matching whatever it is they were looking for. So they give up and move on. They move away from your time-wasting monster of a library.

Publish less. Instead of the Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions, try Top 5. That will help especially when those Top 5 questions are asked by 80% of the people you're trying to help, or if those questions require 80% of the time of the Customer Care people.

Hmmm. As you publish less and less and give short info bites more quickly, will this work well in an sms text environment? Info on demand. Via your cellphone.

Will Filipinos pay for microcontent via their mobile phones? Perhaps if the info is worth P2.50 per 100-or so characters.

Anyway, let's test if this "publish less and create value" really works.
[ First posted on 11/26/2004 by Manuel Viloria ]

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