G-Cash and Money Remittance via SMS

Who would've guessed that a search for Sun Cellular's 24/7 Call & Text Unlimited would lead me to sending money via SMS?

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Thanks to Google, I found Edwin's Sun Cellular Turns up the Heat - 24/7 Call & Text Unlimited, where he paints potential scenarios of what will happen to Sun.

What a serendipitous find: Ka Edong's Technobiography blog for mobile phone and PDA enthusiasts.

You can tell Sun Cellular's 24/7 is a hot topic because the last time I looked, there were more than a hundred posted messages on this topic at the Airfagev Smartphone Users Forum.

Also read about Smart Padala Woes because of SIM problems.

Check out G-Cash kicks butt, but ... (Part 3 of 3) which shows that money remittance via SMS text difficulties are not confined only to SMART but affect Globe as well.

Ah, if only we could make it as simple as The next killer-app: Load-to-Cash conversion. Afterall, lots of cellphone-wielding Filipinos have tried Pasa-Load and Share-a-Load. It would be convenient to send "cash" in a similar fashion.

Someone asked me if a cellphone payment system will work for those interested in m-commerce. Here's a case study involving payments via Share-a-Load...

Sales conversion of 16% of a product that appeals to teenagers. That's assuming all the people who downloaded the trial software are Globe subscribers. Assuming Globe has around 40% of the Philippine cellphone market, the sales conversion rate shoots up to 42%.

If people are willing to pay for software via Share-a-Load, I look forward to the time people can easily send cash the same way they send load credits via SMS.
[ First posted on 11/25/2004 by Manuel Viloria ]

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