Ebook Security: How To Protect Your PDF Ebook

Do you sell PDF ebooks? If you're wondering how you can protect your PDF files from just being passed along to others, the long wait is finally over!

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Here are the advantages:

+ PDF passwords are customer-specific. Even if they pass the password to their friends, you (the PDF author) can still control access.

+ You can deactivate PDF ebooks in case your customer asks for a refund.

+ Passwords can be created online, so you don't have to be at YOUR own computer to serve your customers. (Other password-creating ebook software requires you to be at your own computer.)

+ This protection system can also be used in certain EXE (HTML-compiled) ebooks.

Here are the disadvantages:

+ The PDF file will be turned into a Windows EXE file (what happens now to Mac users?)

+ The sample 178Kb PDF file I protected turned into a 1,611Kb EXE file. (Longer download time.)

+ Your customers will have to connect to the internet and type in their password every X number of days. (Ideal setting is 30 days)

+ To make your PDF more secure, you may need to disable printing. (Some customers will be unhappy about this.)

That's the classic trade-off: convenience vs security.

For more info, please visit:
March 11, 2004 Update ~~ I've discovered that the PDF ebook isn't protected well enough, so I'm removing the link to the software tool. I'll provide the link again after they address the security issues raised.

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[ First posted on 03/02/2004 by Manuel Viloria ]

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