Ebook Marketing: How To Make Your Ebook Immortal

Do you create, distribute and market ebooks? Chances are, if you provide links to various web sites, your ebook can suffer an early death. Here's why that happens, plus a few tips on how you can avoid it and make your ebooks last forever.

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When you write an ebook and refer to an external web site, it's possible that the web site you refer won't be around. Afterall, someone might read your ebook months or even years after you've written it.

When that happens, imagine how frustrated your reader will be when they click on to that external site and find a "Site Not Found" or "Page Not Found" error? True, you can write your disclaimers. But here's another suggestion...

Immortal Ebook Tip #1: Provide links to YOUR own web site.

Link to a page on your site which you can edit anytime. If your web page contains a link to a dead web site, simply delete it from your web page (i.e. resourcesonline.html).

Okay, that works for expiring links. But what about expiring content?

What happens when people read your "more than two years old" work? Do you suppose they will bother to check when you wrote the article? They might. Then again, they might not. In the end, your readers might think your knowledge is outdated. But fear not...

Immortal Ebook Tip #2: Make your EXE compiled ebooks expire.

You can set your EXE ebook to expire 12 months after you release it, for example. When someone attempts to read that ebook of yours a year later, they will see a message requesting that they get an updated version at your web site. This can be done easily using Ebook Edit Pro.

But what if your content changes monthly?

Immortal Ebook Tip#3:Make your EXE compiled ebooks grab content from your web site.

Instead of making your ebook expire, you can make it get content for some of its pages from your web site. Download once, forever updated. The downside to this is that your readers will need to connect to the internet to see the grabbed content. Use this if your content changes regularly like monthly, for example.

The whole point of distributing and marketing ebooks is to reach people in spite of the boundaries created by space and time. You'll never know in which hard disk your ebook will land, or WHEN it will actually be read. That's why it helps to make your ebooks live as long as possible.

Good luck with your immortal ebook marketing efforts! =)

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[ First posted on 03/02/2004 by Manuel Viloria ]

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