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Did you know that some people leave books lying around, free for the taking, here in the Philippines? For example, someone left a copy of Mystic River (by Dennis Lehane) near the cashier of a McDonald's store in Makati. Others have left books in Cebu and even in Zamboanga City.

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It's all because of BookCrossing.

I signed up as "viloriadotcom" and am thinking of getting an interesting book, registering it at BookCrossing (to get a BCID number), labeling the book, and then releasing it into the wild here in the Philippines. When someone finds the book, they'll hopefully join BookCrossing for free and post online whatever happened to the book.

The last time I looked, around 25% of released books are "caught". The figure might be lower in the Philippines since a tiny percent of the population has access to the internet. But even if your released book is not caught by someone with internet access, you're still bound to earn some karmic points, right?

Found a BookCrossing member:
Pusakat » Eric Pareja's Collection of Drivel

Over time, I'll add books to the
» viloriadotcom BookCrossing Bookshelf

What book would YOU like released in Robinsons Galleria? =)
[ First posted on 03/03/2004 by Manuel Viloria ]

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