Of Mothers and our Motherland

Happy Mother's Day to all the loving and hardworking mothers out there! Today, May 9, 2010, the world celebrates Mother's Day and despite the commercialization of the event which can sometimes be downright sickening, I do agree that we need to pay tribute to the women who have given so much of themselves to make us who we are today.

Last year, at about this time too, I attended a writing classes conducted by Ms. Rica Bolipata Santos. It was a fun time which I hope to write about in greater detail someday. The workshop ran for four Saturdays and as we were about to end, I decided to raffle off copies of my book Mom's A Stewardess to my classmates. To qualify for the raffle, they had to write down on a piece of paper (and this would serve as their raffle entry) their answer to the question: "What was the most important thing that your mom taught you?"

I came across those little sheets of paper just a few weeks ago and thought that sharing the answers would make a fitting tribute to our mothers who do give a significant part of themselves in rearing us. Here goes:

Ms. M: Integrity

Ms. R: To never give up

Ms. L: My mom taught me to read; the most important thing she taught me.

Ms. L/B: The most important thing my mother taught me is how to stand on your own.

Ms. R: I don't need friends. I only need family.

Ms. T: The most important thing my mother taught me was I can never escape her. Ever. No one can ever escape one's parents.

Ms. J: Ang mabait palaging panalo sa lupa man o sa langit. (Translation: One who is good always wins on earth or in heaven.)

And last but not the least, my ultimate favorite:

Ms. D: Wag magpabuntis. (Translation: Don't get pregnant prematurely.)

I didn't answer my own question then but as I think about it today, my answer will most likely be a toss up between two things: That writing is a skill that requires practice and doing and that it is important to pray. The first lesson my mom taught me by forcing me to write or keep journals as we went on family trips. The second she taught me by just having me pray the rosary with her as we rode in the car together in the mornings - I was on my way to school and she was on the way to the office. She didn't lecture me on writing and praying. She just had me do them and to this day, these two activities are an integral part of my life. They keep me sane. And grounded.

Speaking about mothers and children, tomorrow, May 10, 2010, is election day here in the Philippines. Please go out and cast your vote for whom you think are the best leaders if you are a registered voter. In a sense, our country is like our mother too. We are born to it and it cares for us to the best of its abilities. We enjoy its resources. I, for one, believe, that I would not be the person that I am today, if I were not born and if I did not live in the Philippines. Just like we treat our mothers, it is our duty as children to take care of our country, to give back, to show it respect, and to love it. Well some kids probably mooch off their parents but I hope we do not elect such people into office tomorrow.

So, please vote wisely tomorrow. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your children and the generations that are to come after.

Happy Mother's Day! Happy Election Day too!

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, May 9, 2010]

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