Cold in Metro Manila

I prefer warm weather to cool or cold weather anytime which is one of the reasons why I will always live in the Philippines. It wasn't always that way. During my younger years, I enjoyed it when the air got kind of nippy but I guess, as people age, they change.

Metro Manila has been experiencing temperature of anywhere from 21 to 24 degrees celsius in the past few days. I go to bed with a sweater but it still is no match for the cold pillows and blankets. Even my blogging has suffered from the sudden change in weather.

I've been trying to blog first thing in the morning and until the weather became the way it is today, I was quite successful. Now, even if I do wake up early, I don't want to get out of bed right away because of the cold, cold air.

Oh, well. This too shall pass. I can't wait for the month of March when we shall be back to warm, hot weather.

I remember when my family and I were in the United States two years ago. When I felt cold, I could always say: "Uwi na tayo..." (Let's go home.) E, ngayon, saan kaya ako puwedeng umuwi? (But now, where do I go home?)

Stay warm everybody. Remember, viruses thrive in the cold so even as we try to get over this freaky cold weather, please stay healthy.

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, January 16, 2009]

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