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The year 2008 was not such a productive year for me, blogging-wise. I don't think I made as many blog posts, in the same manner that I launched new blogs left and right in 2006-2007. Last year was just so busy with countless commitments on all fronts (family, work, personal interests, schools - my kids') that I often found myself with no time and energy to write.

I don't know if it also had anything to do with the fact that I worked on my first published book in October 2007 till February 2008. I was writing and reading what I had written so often that as soon as I was done with writing and editing the manuscript by April 2008, in time for the launch in July 2008, I wanted so much to have a break from having to write.

So, the blog posts dwindled as I tried to manage my time in 2008. I got more sleep, helped my kids more, but somehow, I wasn't as happy. I'd look at my sites and see cobwebs.

What do I resolve then in 2009? I resolve to be happier and to write more. To find the time to write more. It's funny but when we try to encourage other people to start a blog, the first thing that they say is: "Ano naman ang isusulat ko?" (What will I write about?). Then it is followed by the more significant: "E, wala akong time." (I don't have the time.)

Every time I hear that second line, I silently think to myself that this person does not really like to blog or write in the first place. Why? It is human nature to make time for the things that you like. And if you don't make time, well...

Then I realized that if I didn't write as much in 2008, it wasn't because I really didn't have the time but I didn't make time. And not making time for an activity that I like as much as writing, makes me sad and miserable.

So, what do I do in 2009? I will make more time. Out of the same 24 hour-day, I will try to set aside an hour, even before I leave for the office to write. To connect with my inner self and with others. Just like not waiting till I was sixty to finally write a book, I won't wait till am fully retired to write and blog more.

Shall I succeed? Wish me luck. When you start seeing more than one or two blog posts a week on this site, you shall know that I have resolved seriously.

Welcome back to reality, everybody! The holidays are over. It's time for work.

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, January 5, 2009]

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