Pray It Forward and Kawasaki Disease

I never would have gone this far without prayers. When I talk about prayers, I refer to the prayers that I pray myself and the ones that other people offer for me.

There is something that strengthens us when we know that other people are praying for us. When we find ourselves in a situation wherein we think we have nothing else to give to help another person out, please do not forget that you always have the power of prayer at your disposal.

A few weeks ago, on a single Friday, I received three e-mail messages from three different people, all with loved ones suffering from Kawasaki Disease. They wrote me to ask some questions or just to say thank you as they stumbled upon my previous articles about Kawasaki.

As it is always the case when I hear regarding any Kawasaki Disease case, I ask for the full name of the child and offer prayers for the child, for his/her family members, and for his/her doctors. Each time I hear of a Kawasaki case, I recall the time when my daughter Ali had Kawasaki and how the prayers of people around me sustained me. Praying for Kawasaki kids today allows me to pray it forward. To give back what I have received in the past. To graciously offer to others what others, in the past, have graciously offered to me.

I texted Ali's Kawasaki doctor to ask if there appears to be a resurgence in Kawasaki cases these days. She replied by saying that she had three such patients and that maybe, it is viral as the cases seem to come in clusters. The thought that it is viral can be quite worrisome but my doctor was quick to communicate further that it is not proven that it is a virus although it seems to behave like one.

Oh well. If you know of any Kawasaki Disease cases, please let me know the name of the child and I will gladly pray for him/her. We all need to pray it forward.

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, November 2, 2008]

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