Occupation: SAHM

SAHM, in the title, stands for stay-at-home mom. It can be another term for WAHM which stands for work-at-home mom.

Occupation: SAHM is the blog of Cess Papas, also known as Lady Cess. In her blog, she describes herself as a wife, mother, and homekeeper by choice.

Being a stay-at-home mom, her blog talks about topics like food, gardening, other family-related topics, among others. Her blog can be a treasure trove for other mothers who may be looking for household-related tips, interesting recipes, and the like. She also has some pretty nice and striking photos.

I tried the SAHM occupation for a total of 13 months before (as you may have read previously) and to this day, I miss that period in my life. It was pure bliss. It was also at that time that I got in touch with Claretian Publications which led me to writing my first book and having it published! Well, it has been back to the corporate world since October 2007 as duty calls. Tuition and travel duties - haha.

If you wish to visit Lady Cess' blog to see what mothers who fully embrace the joys of mommy-hood write about, you can find her blog at www.one-twentyone.com

[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, October 11, 2008]

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