Boracay Vacation: Transfers to Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel

As soon as we got to the Caticlan Airport, someone already picked us up to already bring us to Boracay Tropics. We had to go out of the airport first before we saw the guy with a Boracay Tropics sign and our names on it -- together with other names.

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I was ready with my papers (the confirmation invoice and official receipt sent to me by e-mail as proof of my booking) but as soon as we approached the guy who had the Boracay Tropics sign, he started to get ready without even going through our documents. I then commented to my husband: "Paano niya alam na ako nga yun?" (How does he know that I'm the one who made the reservation or booking?) My husband then wittily replied: "E, hindi mo din naman alam na siya nga yun." (You also don't know if he's the one who is supposed to pick you up.)

Anyway, he was indeed the right guy as we walked to the van which would bring us to the port where we would ride the boat. It was a 10-15 minute van ride and we stopped for awhile to get tickets for the boat. Our driver did everything for us while we just waited in the airconditioned van.

Upon reaching the port, we were led to a relatively big boat or banca (not the smaller ones that we used to ride) and which was for the exclusive use of Boracay Tropics guests. The men on the banca were very helpful in assisting us to get on to the boat and with our knapsacks. We were very comfortable in the boat as it was huge (relatively speaking) and there were only the four of us plus one other passenger. It was probably a 15-minute boat ride too.

Upon reaching Cagban (did I get the name of the place correct?), we got off the boat and boarded what they call is a multi-cab. The multi-cab is like a small utility vehicle, open on both sides, and can seat about 8-10 people total. On the passenger side, you ride back to back, with each side accommodating about 3 to 4 people each. The multi-cab is perfect for the rough and winding and narrow roads leading to the Boracay resorts. It is quite safe although if you are travelling with small children, babies, or toddlers, you'll have to hold on to them extra well as the vehicle is open on all sides.

The multi-cab ride took another 10 to 15 minutes so soon we were at the Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel which is located near Boat Station 2. In previous trips, we stayed at Boat Stations 3 and 1.

In previous Boracay vacations too, although we would arrange for transfers, they would be Palakbayan packages or transfers arranged by a travel agency and not directly by the resort. This is the first time that we arranged for Boracay transfers directly with our resort and although perhaps a bit more expensive, the transfers were really more convenient and smoother. We didn't have to ride a smaller, cramped banca like before and everything went well.

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