Boracay Travel: Cebu Pacific Flight to Caticlan

The last time that we were in Boracay for a vacation was in 2001. My daughter Ali had not yet been born then and so it was largely for her benefit that we went to Boracay again this 2008.

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This was the first time too that we flew to Caticlan instead of to Kalibo. We had wanted to try something different this time and we also wanted to spare ourselves the long bus ride.

We booked ourselves on the 12:10pm Cebu Pacific flight to Caticlan although the plane left at 12:50pm. Most of the domestic flights that day were delayed (we could hear announcement after announcement about delayed flights) and it didn't help much that the domestic airport was cramped and old. We should really have a more decent domestic airport by now -- that's if we are really serious about promoting domestic tourism. The airport was filled with people that we had to wait for some time before we could find a place to sit.

The aircraft we took was an ATR 72-500 which was a pretty small plane. You could feel movements and turbulence more. It was good though that my daughter didn't get scared and instead enjoyed the ride as she said that she felt like she was riding a roller coaster. She would even say "whee" each time the plane would move more vigorously.

Our other co-passengers commented that they felt like they were on a Star City ride. Some of them even jokingly raised their arms and hands high up in the air as you would do while riding a roller coaster.

The plane was relatively small that if I remember correctly, there was only one bathroom on the plane. That one bathroom was so cramped too that when you stand up straight inside the bathroom, you could almost kiss the door.

As is usual with Cebu Pacific flights, they had games (e.g. name that tune) and husband Manuel even won an inflatable giraffe for Ali.

After more than an hour of flying time, we arrived in Caticlan.

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