The Movies in Our Minds

If you were kidnapped, would you know? Who is in the best position to say whether he felt safe and free, the protector or the protectee? (Is there such a term? Wala ata.) The body guard or the body guarded?

I am sure like most Filipinos, you have watched more television these days given the ZTE Senate hearings. References have been made to various movies -- Star Wars (by Mr. Jun Lozada and Senator Mar Roxas during the hearing itself) and Lord of the Rings (by my favorite PDI columnist and writer Conrado de Quiros). As the whole thing unfolds, everything seems to be just like in the movies. Mr. Jun Lozada, though, had a better writer (if any) than the government and police officials who appeared yesterday.

A lot of things that GMA's men testified on yesterday did not make sense. While Mr. Jun Lozada seemed so sure about his story last Friday, the men who testified yesterday seemed so unsure and hesitant -- well, maybe except for Manny Gaite and Atty. Bautista. The rest appeared like they were caught in a story which they were not sure of themselves.

Where was the threat to Jun Lozada's life coming from? They did not know. Who was Valeroso? They did not know him well. Where is Mr. Lozada's passport? No one knew. It was quite apparent that there were a lot of questions that could not be answered. Whose story is more believable then?

Who is Jun Lozada? Why all the fuss about him? Why did government exert all effort to prevent him from appearing in the Senate? Why are we pouring in so much public resources just to make sure that he does not testify?

How will this movie end? Bitin kaya o maganda ang ending? Abangan.

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, February 12, 2008]

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