Avenue Q in Manila this June 2008

Did you get to catch the previous runs of Avenue Q in Manila? If you haven't watched the musical yet, this may be your last chance to do so as it goes on a farewell run this June 2008.

Who will enjoy Avenue Q? People from age 20 to 49 will most likely appreciate it the most. Anyone below 13 years old may be too young while those who are 50 and up may belong to a different generation altogether.

We got to watch Avenue Q last December 15, 2007 upon the kind invitation of blogger Lorna Lopez also known as www.thebachelorgirl.com and who was also the show buyer. Thanks again Lorna! Manuel and I enjoyed the show immensely. The story line was quite simple and straightforward but the songs were very catchy, witty, and funny and the performers were superb. If you still have any doubt about how talented Filipino performers are, please catch Avenue Q and be ready to erase all doubts.

My favorite performers were: Frenchie Dy who played therapist Christmas Eve, Rachel Alejandro who was both sweet Kate and Lucy the Slut and Felix Rivera. Avenue Q is an adult-ish version of Sesame Street, complete with puppets and performers and tackles a whole range of today topics from: finding your purpose, racism, among others. The main character is Princeton, a college graduate who settles down in Avenue Q.

My favorite songs? Everyone's a Little Bit Racist. There's a Fine, Fine Line (...between love and a waste of time, marvelously performed by super talented Rachel Alejandro). Christmas Eve's The More You Ruv Someone and I think you have to be married to appreciate this song fully. I also like For Now as it reminds me that whatever it is you may be going through, particularly when things are not to your liking -- well, it's only for now. After all, everything in life is fleeting. Good or bad -- live for the moment -- as it is only for now.

So, have I convinced you to catch the show in June 2008? Please do. I am sure you will be entertained and it will be a welcome break from all your daily concerns and duties. Just don't believe too much what the show says about what the internet is for...

If you are interested to buy tickets for the 2pm, June 14, 2008 show or the 8pm, June 21, 2008 show, please get in touch with Lorna Lopez. You may e-mail her at llornalopez@gmail.com -- when we went the last time, she even had a Meet and Greet the Avenue Q cast after the show.

You can also read about what Lorna has to say about this coming run of Avenue Q.Enjoy the show!

[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, February 2, 2008]

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