Last week, my daughter Ali got sick. It started out with fever and vomiting.

It was that way for about two days and I was worried that she would get dehydrated. She threw up everything that she took in. She likewise complained of stomach pain.

We observed her first and on the third day, her fever disappeared and she was already more lively and active. Yesterday, we took her to see the doctor as she continued to complain about a painful throat and tummy although she said that the pain was getting less and less. I looked at her throat and saw that it was quite red. So, it was off to the doctor.

When it was our turn to see the doctor, the pedia showed me Ali's throat. With the doctor's flashlight, I saw red spots (sores?) near Ali's throat area as she opened her mouth wide. We were told that the condition is known as Herpangina which is a viral illness. Children can get it when they put dirty things in their mouths like their fingers and toys. The doctor then reminded Ali not to put things into her mouth.

The pedia confirmed that the throat is really painful due to the sores. She advised us to continue giving Ali paracetamol to help her with the pain. She also said that the condition should clear in a few days without doing anything. To help further, Ali can also gargle twice a day with warm water and salt.

As to the painful tummy, as Ali's saliva is infected given the virus, this can cause pain and vomiting.

Ali was absent for a few days but will be back to school tomorrow. Am praying for her complete recovery soon so she can swallow her food and yawn without feeling any pain.

So keep those fingers and toys away from your kids' mouths. Take care and stay healthy.

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, January 13, 2008]

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