Glorietta 2 Bombing

When will these bombings ever stop? I was at the office when my officemates and I first heard of the news.

My heart goes out to those who perished and got injured in the blast and their families as well. A reader wrote me last Friday as he found something I wrote in the past about a Glorietta bombing in the year 2000. I actually had forgotten that I wrote something like that.

My husband did a search on all the past things I wrote about previous bombings and found several other articles and/or blog entries:

An article about the Valentine's day bombing in 2005

One on the Davao bombing in 2003

Still another on a bus bombing in 2002

And lastly, one on the Zamboanga bombing in 2002 with a very insightful Hasidic tale to go with it.

All these bombings are starting to get tiring. I really wish people would soon come to their senses and realize that one life is worth more than being able accomplish whatever it is that you are trying to achieve.

We were at the malls yesterday and today. As expected, the guards have started their car and bag checks again. I'd give it a month or two and am sure, we will be back to our usual ways. What was surprising was that the mall was not too full -- considering that it was a 3-day sale weekend.

Anyway, please offer a prayer for those who perished and those who were injured. Please say a prayer for the Philippines as well. Here's a brief verse I came up with given this bombing overload:

"Isang pagsabog.
Isang kalabog.
Kailan ba mapapahinga
Ang bansa nating bugbog?"

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, October 21, 2007]

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