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Last weekend, my husband received a text message which went like this: "U.P. made you in such a way, that when the world is sitting, you would be standing...when the world is standing, you would stand out...

when the world stands out, you would be outstanding and when the world tries to be outstanding, you would be the standard. Isang masaya at mayabang na pagbati sa sentenaryong anibersaryo ng UP, UPian! Pass on..." (For those who did not understand the last part, it translates to: "A happy and proud greeting for the centennial anniversary of UP.")

The University of the Philippines will be celebrating its 100th anniversary by next year, 2008. It's been 100 years of producing so many "iskolar ng bayan." Are you a UP graduate? Are you proud to have been part of UP?

I will always look upon my UP years fondly. I earned my college and master's degree there, got my first job there (I taught at the UP College of Business Administration for four years after graduating from college) -- and I even met my husband there! Education, work, family -- all of these point me to UP, our so-called Republic of Diliman, where you need to constantly remind yourself that with freedom, comes great responsibility. =)

I really liked the text that I shared with you earlier. After reading it, I told my husband: "Ang galing naman. Sino kaya gumawa?" ("I wonder who made that text.") My husband replied: "Ewan ko, taga-Ateneo daw." ("I don't know. They say someone from Ateneo.")

Well, that was a joke but Ateneo is a good school too. =) My bet is that someone from Globe or Smart thought about it -- to increase their revenues from SMS. Would you know if there's a creative team in either company which just comes up with jokes and interesting messages that people will want to forward? That must be one fun job.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, July 18, 2007]

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