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Do you own a Tumi bag? The luggage brand is available here in the Philippines at Rustan's and is said to be preferred by business and corporate travelers.

I guess you'll have to be traveling on business to be able to afford it as it is quite pricey. Depending on the type of bag (e.g. garment bag, expandable suitcase), prices can range from a low of P12,000 to a high of P40,000. With nothing in it, someone else could grab your bag and he or she will already have something valuable. Then again, it really isn't right to take what isn't yours. What value is there in that?

I personally haven't tried a Tumi. I guess I'll have to think three or four times before I buy anything that expensive and then just have people at the airport throw it around here and there. I still go with my good old durable Samsonite bags. I bought a green, soft, Samsonite luggage years ago (I don't think I was married yet or maybe, I was newly married). It's nicely sized and was perfect for me for my business trips when I had to travel alone. I liked the color -- it was different so it is very easy to spot when at the airport. I mean who carries around green luggage?

Since the material is soft, it's not heavy and since it has a handle/trolley, I can pull it around easily on my own. Just because it's soft too, it does not mean it isn't durable enough for several years later, it is still in perfect shape. Of course, when I travel with Manuel and the kids, that bag is not enough. We now survive with another Samsonite bag (hard shell and bigger this time) and which moves just with the softest push. You don't even need to pull it. You just roll it away. It's perfect when you have your hands full watching your kids as you travel. If that's still not enough, we borrow from our parents and relatives and we get by.

So, do you think you'll be splurging on a Tumi bag when you go on your next business trip?

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, July 13, 2007]

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