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When I was younger, I used to relish visiting the bookstores in the US as they were bigger, offered a wider range of books, and were more "welcoming" with their chairs where you can lounge around. On this trip, we dropped by Barnes and Noble and I didn't get to buy much.

The bookstores here in Manila have really improved a lot in terms of the selection of books and even pricing! With bookstores like Powerbooks, Fully Booked, and National Book Store's newest Best Sellers, you really need not go to the US anymore to get your fill of preferred reading material.

What I found interesting enough during my bookstore visit were the paper products and journals which were sold at prices which were 25-50% less than Manila prices. Also, the variety in terms of design was wider than what I would see in the local bookstores.

The US magazines were also sold at about half the price compared to the pricing of magazine stands here locally. So, if there's a particular health, bridal, or parenting magazine that you are interested in, you might want to ask your relatives who live in the US or who go visit the US to grab the latest issue for you and you can generate substantial savings.

I didn't buy any books at Barnes and Noble, but you can be sure I was happy with my notebooks and magazines. =)

For more information on Barnes and Noble, you can check out:

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, June 3, 2007]

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