Write Down Your Goals and Objectives

We've all heard the story, the anecdote, or about the experiments before -- you have to list down things that you wish to achieve for you to get closer to actually achieving them. Just as there is power in the "spoken word," it seems that the "written word" could also accomplish much (if not more) for us.

I am reminded of this principle as in the past few months, I have been busy cleaning out my stuff -- something that I have neglected over the past 18 years (you can just imagine my mess!) due to the schedule that I kept at work and at home. Now that I stay at home, I have been slowly (emphasis on the slowly) getting rid of stuff from the distant past and have probably managed to make 1/3 of my room more livable and bearable (I actually forgot that the top of my study table was brown. I couldn't see the top before. Haha.)

Anyway, back to my story. I was cleaning out some old papers in my study table and of course, before I throw something, I go through it. Going through your old stuff is like going down memory lane -- you smile, you shake your head in disbelief, or you wonder -- did I really do that?

I found a piece of paper (which I have already thrown out) with a list of my dream places to visit, complete with computations of how much it might cost us. On the list were: Alegre Beach Resort, Plantation Bay, and Maribago Bluwater. I was amazed because I had forgotten all about that list but even more amazed that I had actually visited all those places already.

Just today, I threw away some super old news clippings of tour packages to Australia (dated 1996 and 1998) and of course, we had actually gone to Australia in 2000!

What is the point of all of this? The point is that we all have things that we wish to do, achieve, or acquire. At times, it may not seem remotely possible (or may even seem improbable) that we will actually get to do those things. Still, it is a good idea to write these down and let things be set in motion. If you can read your written list of goals and objectives daily -- so much the better. I continue to have an updated list of things I want to accomplish or do or have on hand and I try to read this to myself daily -- barring any memory lapses. As you can see from my example, you don't even have to read the list daily. You can even forget about the list for as long as you took the time to seal your fate by actually writing your dreams down using ink and paper.

Remember, there is much power in the written word. So go on, dream, and make that list!

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, March 30, 2007]

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