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A viloria reader e-mailed me recently asking for comments on the Cebu resorts that we have tried. He intended to go to Cebu for his honeymoon with his wife after their wedding sometime March or April of this year.

So far, our family has been to four resorts in Cebu. Here's a listing of the Cebu resorts that we have visited, in order of preference, with some general comments on each:

1. Plantation Bay - quite expensive relative to other resorts in Cebu in terms of accommodations and meals but the view, facilities, and quality of service make up for it. I thoroughly enjoyed their spa -- Mogambo Springs. Their "no tipping" policy likewise saves you from the hassle and stress of deciding how much to give each time someone does something for you. They have activities for kids and all members of the family so there's hardly time to get bored. They even cleaned my daughter's feeding bottles for us and bought me "chicharon" at the local market.

2. Shangrila Mactan - also quite pricey relative to other resorts in Cebu but you have everything right at your resort. You have all the amenities of city living but also get the feeling of "getting away from it all." There are several food outlets to choose from so you can stay for several days and not get tired of the food. They have a full-blown spa now so that should make your trip there more enjoyable.

3. Maribago at Bluwater- very reasonable in terms of pricing and kids will enjoy their pool with slide. The water at their pool was the right temperature too. Facilities and service are acceptable while you could get tired of the food since there is really just one or two food outlets.

4. Alegre - Quite far. You'll need to take a long car trip (an hour and a half?) to get there. The facilities are alright but there's not much variety in terms of food. Not much to do there too except to swim or go to the beach. For a couple who wants to get away from it all and go on a honeymoon, this might be the ideal place. =)

There are other resorts in the Cebu area which you may wish to consider. There's Badian and Pulchra but from my initial research, they are much too expensive (and quite far off too!) that I would probably rather go elsewhere first. Anyway, have a good vacation in Cebu, wherever you happen to find yourself.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, January 31, 2007]

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