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It is nearly Valentine's Day and am sure most men are planning to get their partners flowers. It's great that the internet provides an alternative to having to rush to the flower shops in the malls to get those pricey blooms.

One such online retailer of flowers is Island Rose. I read in some articles before that they actually get more business now from the internet than from walk-in customers. Why not? With gasoline prices going up, a trip saved to a flower shop is good enough.

I checked out their site: www.islandrose.com.ph

What can I say? It looks good. It's sleek and appears very attractive. The pictures are nice (they make me want to buy flowers) and load pretty fast. I just noticed that a lot of the items are marked "sold out." While it does give the impression that you better hurry up and buy what you can right now, what good is it going to a website where you can't get several items? Also, for their frequently asked questions portion, I needed to click on several things before I was able to get the information that I needed. I think I needed to click on three things before I could find out about delivery.

Island Rose does not only offer flowers for Valentine's Day and other occasions, it also offers gift items like chocolates and nice vases. They only deliver within the Philippines though. What does that tell you? It is possible to make the internet work for you even if you are just serving a local market. The important thing is for you to get found by people who need your products and services.

So go plan your flower purchases early enough. Am I a flower person? I welcome them when they are given to me but I prefer travel (ang mahal naman ano?), spa treats, and anything that has to do with paper. Flowers are good to receive one in awhile though, although given the price, it really is a pity that they only last a few days.

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, January 19, 2007]

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