My Calendars for 2007

I think I wrote before that I like calendars. They help me plan my day (and my weeks, months, and year). When I used to work in an office, I would buy myself two calendars each year -- one for the house and one for the office.

This year, I only bought myself one calendar since I have stopped working in the corporate world since September 2006. I figured, what would I need two calendars for? This Christmas though, as part of my Christmas loot, I received 4 calendars -- all very nice! To my friends who remembered me this Christmas and gave me these great calendars, thanks a lot.

Here's a rundown then of my 5 calendars:

1. Paradise (by Portal): This is the calendar that I bought myself. I'll give you one guess about what it features. Beautiful scenery (all beaches) in places ranging from the Carribean, Asia, Polynesia, and Maldive. Why do I like such calendars? They relax me and remind me of the joy of traveling even if am just desk bound or am stuck in my bedroom.

2. Arabian Heritage: given by Filipino architect Al Manlangit who is based in Kuwait. This is an interesting calendar too. It features camels, antiques, mosques, and other beautiful items or scenery. Very unique. Am sure I cannot find this here in the Philippines.

3. Majestic Australia: given by a former office mate of mine who is now Australia-based and is actually, now, an Australian! The calendar features photos of places to see in Australia.

4. Jabundle Sticker Calendar: given by another former office mate of mine. The calendar is very colorful and has more than 500 stickers! The stickers range from thought bubbles, to occasions, to activities, letters of the alphabet, etc. It even features international holidays for 2007 and the Philippines is included! Definitely a fun calendar to use.

5. Create Your Own 2007 Scrapbook Calendar: given by another former office mate (you'd think we employed tons of people in our former office) who also happens to be the godmother of my daughter Ali. She knows that I like putting albums together and organizing photos so this will come in handy.

As to how I'm going to make use of all these calendars, I can use one calendar for every member of my family? Haha. One for Daddy Manuel, Adi, Ali, and I. I can reserve one for a future office. As it is, even if am home based, I have tons of things I need to remember or note down -- school activities and deadlines, dental and medical appointments, due dates for various payments, etc., etc. Don't worry friends -- all your calendars will be put to good use. =)

By the way, did I mention that I also am fond of "house and lots"? Baka sakali lang. =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, January 9, 2007]

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