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A viloria reader e-mailed asking if I knew of any mini-clock suppliers here in the Philippines. Her mother-in-law is celebrating her 90th birthday and they were looking for useful party favors or souvenir give-aways for guests during the celebration.

She will be needing 100 to 150 pieces. The reader is based in the USA but she would like to source the items from the Philippines as the celebration will be done here. It may likewise be cheaper to source the goods locally.

If you know of any mini-clock supplier or if you can supply mini-clocks, do let me know by sending me e-mail. I will then hook you up with the reader who inquired.

In the meantime, I searched through the phone book for suppliers of various give-aways. Some likewise offer clocks so anyone looking for clock suppliers can check them out (All suppliers are based in Metro Manila, Philippines):

1. Action House International - call them at 634-6572

2. Joenita Trading -- call them at 647-2421

3. Asia Adproducts Ltd. Co -- call them at 277-5555

In another entry, I will soon list some other suppliers whom you may wish to consider for give-aways and souvenirs.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, December 20, 2006]

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