Ali, My Wonder Child

Since I quit my job a few months ago, my husband has been convincing me to do more things on the internet -- things like podcasting, video blogging, the works! Since a few months ago also, though, I have been responding by saying that: "I just like to write."

Well, this morning, the husband asks me: "What can you give a training on?" Without thinking, I hastily answered: "Credit?"

The husband then suggests that I already a prepare a presentation on credit and we can put it on the internet.

I then replied: "Susulat na lang ako." ("I'll just write.")

The husband, then mimics me in an exaggerated way: "Susulat na lang ako..."

The kids were also in the room, and then suddenly Ali, my 4-year old gem of a daughter says: "Daddy..." (in an exasperated tone.) Then she continues: "Let Mommy..."

The husband, now interested in what our child had to say goes: "Let Mommy what?"

Ali: "Let Mommy do what she wants."

Daddy/Hubby Manuel: "And what does Mommy like to do?"

Ali pauses briefly and with a sigh says: "Write."

You cannot believe how good that made me feel. Unending support from your parents? That's easy. Support from your kids? That's quite rare.

What can I say? I have been blessed with highly intelligent, perceptive kids. I must thank their equally intelligent and perceptive father who never tires of convincing me to do more things on the net. The members of my family balance each other out. Life is interesting. As for Ali, I will remember this incident for the rest of my life. Ang dami na niyang ganda points.

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, November 24, 2006]

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