I met with some relatives of mine in the Makati area yesterday at about 5pm. We were planning out a reunion for the clan sometime early 2007.

The drive to Makati was easy -- my driver and I were at the place in about 20 to 30 minutes. Not bad.

I had to go off to another meeting at 7:45pm so I left Makati promptly at 6:30pm. Now, we got stuck in traffic. It actually only took us an hour to get from Jupiter to my place but it felt like a perpetual crawl.

Wow. A little over two months out of the corporate world and am I spoiled. To think that for fourteen years, I used to drive myself 2 to 3 hours every working day, coming and going. I was just a passenger yesterday but I already got exhausted. Talk about getting soft.

Then again, I only walk a few steps now to the computer room to do my stuff. I prefer to just move close by for meetings and other activities so Makati now sounds like it's a country away.

Life as I know it today has made me soft -- nothing bad about that. Never knew the days could be busy but this light and relaxed. =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, November 24, 2006]

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