Christmas Gift Suggestions for Toddlers (Ages 1-2)

Kids aged 1-2 are now more independent (or think that they are!) and like to explore. They are now more mobile as they learn to walk, run and jump on their own.

Clothes would still be a welcome gift by parents. The children can't still toss them away just yet. If you are based in the Philippines, choose cool clothes, preferably those made out of cotton, considering how warm it can get here in this part of the world. Some other things which you may want to give are the following:

1. Toys that allow kids to move: As toddlers will now be moving more on their own, you may want to get hold of push and pull toys, stacking toys, or even shape sorter types of toys.

2. Books with longer text: Kids this age can now move on to books with longer stories, from their earlier picture books.

3. Music CDs: They like listening to music and songs! Choose songs that they can move with, sing along with, or even sleep to.

4. Eating utensils: Kids this age will now be eating more types of food. You can give them a fork and spoon set that they can bring on short trips, training cups, bibs, or a feeding dish with a suction at the bottom to keep their food from spilling.

5. Toothbrush and toothpaste set: Towards the end of their first year, kids will start to teeth. Get them into the habit of brushing their teeth by getting them cute or attractive toothbrushes and yummy kiddie toothpaste.

6. Face towels: As kids this age will now be moving more, they will also be getting more sweaty and need to freshen up more often. Getting them small towels which their parents can carry around will help them stay clean and healthy.

That's all folks. In a few days, we shall focus on the Pre-Schoolers or kids aged 3-6. Stay tuned.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, November 22, 2006]

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