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Now that the holidays are fast approaching, I am sure everyone would be busy planning their Christmas parties or get-togethers. Added to the stress of going through traffic, shopping, or wrapping your gifts, would be worries related to planning the food that you will cook or bring to the next reunion or party.

You may then want to try out Chef Lorenzo which offers Party Packs to Go for parties, potluck occasions, or even for pasalubong. They may deliver to certain locations so please inquire from them at +63 918 908 4490 or +63 922 808 4490. Their landline in Metro Manila, Philippines is 637 9092.

If you do inquire or order from them after reading this, please let them know that you read about them here at

Chef Lorenzo offers finger food, house specialties like Arroz Valenciana and Chicken Pastel, Seafood Dishes, Pasta and Pizza, as well as desserts. It is best to place your order about 3 days in advance to assure that the item you wish to order is available.

I have not tried them personally as of today but intend to try them during the holidays. I will let you know how that one turns out.

Order Update:

We already tried Chef Lorenzo and we enjoyed some of their offerings. The tuna fettuccine was creamy, with a lot of tuna bits. Their Pizzetta Squares were also quite good -- the crust was thin and crispy. Some of the items were just alright. The bruschetta was relatively expensive in our opinion given the tiny pieces and it would have been better if the bread was crispy instead of kind of soft. Their mini-siopao were not mini at all (kind of big) and although their flyer lists only asado and bola-bola, the item that we got had ube (which we are not particularly fond of for siopao). The mini siopao order has 24 pieces and it was supposed to be a mix of asado and bola-bola. There was no mention of ube siopao.

The orders were delivered on time. They are not very responsive to text messages though so when I texted them to bring change for a certain amount, they did not see my message right away. They had to come back with my change. It was a good thing that I had another order the following day.

If they will deliver to your place, they are still worth a try. You will just have to do a little inquiring as to which items are their specialties as not everything on their menu may be equally good.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, November 22, 2006]

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