How To Find Your One True Love by Bo Sanchez

One of Bo Sanchez's newer books is the one entitled: How to Find Your One True Love. I bought some copies of the book, to give away as gifts to my female, single friends.

I managed to have Bo, sign one of the copies that I bought, and he asked me how old my friend was. When I mentioned that she was in her 40s, he said: "That's perfect. I really wrote this for older singles." His message to my friend: "Create Love."

Anyway, you may want to check out the book in the bookstores, for yourself or to give away to female friends. The book discusses "8 Steps to Attract God's Best for the Single Person." Through the chapters, Bo Sanchez hopes to help you avoid choosing the wrong guy or making relationship mistakes. He will make you re-think your existing beliefs -- beliefs which may be preventing you from actually getting married.

What do I think of the book? I think that after reading it, you will have a 50:50 chance of getting married. =)

By the way, you can also subscribe to the Bo Sanchez Soulfood Letter for free. You can visit to find out how.

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, November 7, 2006]

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