Yoyo Master: Glenn Angeles

At the birthday party we attended yesterday, we were lucky to catch the performance of Yoyo Master, Glenn Angeles. As I understand it, a Yoyo Master is someone who works the yoyo very well and who competes in various international competitions.

The performance lasted for about 30 minutes probably and the audience enjoyed every minute of it. The accompanying music was appropriate and lively (Super Mario?). The guests were amazed as we watched Yoyo Master Glenn perform different tricks: Beyblade yoyo, Yoyo Freestyle (working with two yoyos and anything goes), performing with the smallest and the biggest yoyos, etc. There was a lot of audience participation (whether by answering questions or by participating in some of the yoyo tricks) and if you participate, you get to bring home a yoyo.

We did a search on the web for Yoyo Masters and we saw a lot of pages featuring Japanese Hiroyuki Suzuki. He is young and very quick with his hands, as he does his mind-boggling yoyo tricks. I do like Yoyo Master Glenn's showmanship though. He moves and dances quite well, has stage presence, and is quick to react to his audience's responses. He is witty too.

My friend booked the Yoyo Master through Nancy Peralta of Parties Galore. I will put her contact information here as soon as I get permission and as soon as I verify that I still have the right numbers. Nancy is a reliable and pleasant organizer. She did my daughter's 1st birthday and my son's 7th. I remember that the magician she recommended for my son's birthday had amazing talents as well.

Now, how does one become a Yoyo Master? We didn't get to talk much to Yoyo Master Glenn but my guess is that, as with all skills, before you can become a master, you will first have to be a slave. So Yoyo Slave, make sure to practice. Practice. Practice. Practice.

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, October 30, 2006]

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