Halloween Trick or Treat

We went around trick or treating around the place where we live -- as usual, the kids enjoyed and are happy while we, the parents are tired. We told the kids that we would only go around for one hour and that was enough to fill up their pumpkin containers.

Halloween CostumesNow that times are harder, we noticed that there are hardly any imported brands of candies or snacks given away. Most items were the bulky type -- chips, cookies, other junk food -- and a few candies. We saw two houses with ice cream a-a (what we call here in the Philippines as dirty ice cream but it's not really dirty, only yummy), one giving away donuts, and another distributing "homemade ice candy." A winner product these days is "Boy Bawang" -- garlic flavored cornik (crunchy corn kernels) which people say are so in demand even by Filipinos in the U.S. Our household gave away some Boy Bawang, and so did a few other houses. My daughter, Ali, even gleefully announced to her brother, "Kuya, I got Boy Bawang!" to the amusement of the people in the neighboring houses. To think that I was even debating whether I should give it away as the kids might not enjoy it. All I needed to do was look at my own kids and the answer would be clear.

Also noticed that more houses and houseowners took time to decorate their houses and dress up to entertain the kids. My sister-in-law even talked of one house where there were games in the garage and those who play, can win a prize. Talk about Halloween entertainment.

Also saw some adults (as in people who look like they already work in the corporate world) going trick or treat. The households, though, are not as giving with adults compared to kids. When it's a kid, the kid gets a handful of treats. When it's an adult, he or she gets a piece of candy or two.

So goes another trick or treat. I wonder when it will be the parents' turn to get all treats? Therein lies the real trick. Haha. =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, October 28, 2006]

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