Christmas Goodies: Misispi Crunchy Oatmeal Cookies

Are you starting to look around for goodies to give away to family and friends this Christmas season? You may want to check out Rorie Pena's Misispi "unforgettable crunchy oatmeal cookies."

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We tried her product last weekend by buying her 20-piece cookie box. It was wiped out in less than half a day! The cookies are thin and real crunchy/crispy and not too sweet too. Plus, it's made out of oatmeal so it should be a healthy treat. Shelf life is about 2 months but we assure you, it won't last that long in your household or in the house of the person that you will give it to. =)

For Christmas, the cookies will come in a green and red box for the 10-cookie pack. The 20 and 40 piece packs will come in brown, ribboned, windowed Misispi boxes. Prices are very reasonable and affordable. If you order in bulk, she may deliver, depending on your location. Thus, it is best to inquire personally.

Aside from her cookies, she also offers Such Anghang Suka! (Spicy Vinegar) in 750 ml bottles. Very attractive with the small red peppers mixed with the vinegar. Your older relatives and friends might appreciate this given that most of the gifts they will receive during the season are usually sweet.

To inquire or to order, please call Misispi at 744 4785 (in Metro Manila, Philippines) or +63 918 900 9631.
Should you order or inquire, after reading this, please let Rorie know that you found out about her products here at We would appreciate it.

As for other Christmas goodies suppliers (particularly those who do deliver in Metro Manila for a minimum purchase amount), please send us mail with information about your products. We will happily feature you too but of course, we would be able to write more lengthily about you if we have personally tried your product and liked it. Please give us information on:

what products you offer/price list

your contact information (landline, cellphone, e-mail address, website, if any)

minimum purchase amount for you to deliver

which areas you serve for delivery

shelf life of your products

days' notice needed for orders (particularly during the Christmas season)

Why do we do this? Every Christmas, I take care of preparing Christmas gifts for family, relatives, friends, officemates, doctors, etc., etc. It can be tiring, taxing, and stressful. That's why this year, we hope to help busy mothers know what goods are out there so we can help them with their Christmas preparations. It's as simple as that. When Momma's happy, everyone's happy!

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