Bo Sanchez on Abundance

Bo Sanchez is a preacher, publisher, and writer here in the Philippines. A few weeks ago, I listened to one of his talks on Abundance.

What makes Bo Sanchez an interesting speaker for most people? Well, he's quite showbiz-y in his delivery (I personlly think he should tone down a bit but most people seem to like his style as is) but I think what makes his talks appealing would be the fact that he tells a lot of stories. People like listening to stories, particularly when they are true.

In his talk about Abundance, Bo Sanchez tells the story of his old car. He says it's the perfect car as: 1) he does not have to worry about kidnappers; 2) he does not worry about his car when he parks it; and 3) if he bumps another old car, both cars can just drive away with both drivers smiling. Then, he begins to talk about his most recent problem. On his 40th birthday last July, a friend gifted him with a brand new Toyota. So, Bo now has a new car.

He then tells the audience that we probably are thinking: "Ang sarap naman ni Bo. Patanggap-tanggap lang ng bagong kotse mula sa kaibigan niya." (Bo is so lucky. He just receives new cars from his friends.) He then states: "Huwag kayo sa akin mainggit. Kanino kayo dapat mainggit?" (Don't be envious of me. Whom should you envy?) Mainggit kayo sa kaibigan ko. (Be envious of my friend.) He tells us to be envious of his friend as the friend is generous enough to be giving. (As a side comment, I don't think we should be envious of anyone. But that is another topic. I am just re-telling a story.)

What is the point of all this? The point of the whole talk was that "the reason wealth is given to us is for us to be able to love more." We should be able to do good to others with what we have. During the talk, Bo gave some pointers on how to live a life of abundance. Briefly, here's what I remember:

1. Focus on what you have, not on what you don't have. (Bo was happy with his old, perfect car.)

2. Live below your means. (not within, below)

3. Give 10% to God. Give 10% to yourself (save 10%).

Try out what Bo teaches and see whether you are able to live a life of abundance. Bo Sanchez states that the minimum that you should give as a tithe is 10%. He states that he is now earning a lot and is giving away 40%. By the time he reaches a certain age years from now, he targets to give away 90% of his earnings. Interesting stories from the boy who almost bought a lady he didn't know an airline ticket to Jerusalem and someone who has built houses for the poor through Anawim. What about you? What will be your story?

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, September 25, 2006]

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